The theme of this collection is shamanism,

which explores the relationship between nature, spirits, and mankind. Shamanism is a spiritual practice that involves

communicating with the world of spirits through a shaman.

 The main concept behind the new ARIUNAA SURI collection is that

 shamanic clothing is a material manifestation and projection of spirits that are

worshipped. This means that the apparel itself is believed to contain

all the powers of spirits, making ita physical manifestation of the spirit and therefore something alive that protects the humans from evil spirits.

Shamans are the intermediaries between the worlds of nature and spirits and that of mankind.

ARIUNAA SURI has taken inspiration from this spiritual practice and

 has incorporated it into their designs.

The collection features intricate embroidery, traditional motifs, and natural materials such as wool, leather, and copper.

These unique garments can be worn in daily life, bringing a touch of spirituality

 and creativity to modern fashion.